This Is Why Lesbians Are More At Risk For Love Addiction

Love addiction, my sweet kittens, is no joke. It’s a very real thing, and, like any addiction, it can really screw up our fragile little lives. I used to vehemently fear that I was a love addict, and then I feared I was a sex addict, and then I finally concluded that I was a love and sex and fantasy addict. … Read More


This study is being conducted by gay & lesbian identified researchers affiliated with the HeadsUp! Lab at Loyola Marymount University If you would like to be a part of the study click the link below. For questions, comments, or more information, please contact Darin Witkovic at 310.568.6681 or

Taming Your Inner Critic | Dr. Lauren Costine

Taming the inner critic; where it comes from, and why it’s necessary. Sophia Silva is a positive psychology coach and speaker who created to promote a positive way of life in which people can thrive. She also has a YouTube channel where she streams her “videoblog” with tips and advice, as well as interviews with leading figures. Her latest … Read More