5 Tips You Need to Know for Healthy Lesbian Dating

5 Tips You Need to Know for Healthy Lesbian DatingSo you met someone you are really interested in. And they seem to be showing similar interest back. What do you do next? Whether you are the one who does the initial asking or not — following these 5 basic tips for healthy lesbian dating will make your chances of creating … Read More

Lauren D. Costine PhD, Keynote Speaker Finding Freedom Symposium

Lauren D. Costine PhD will be a Keynote Speaker at the Finding Freedom Symposium.

Michael’s House is thrilled about your participation for the first annual Finding Freedom Symposium. This weekend is about you. Our sincere hope is to host an atmosphere that fosters ongoing small-group conversations towards identifying best-practices in addiction treatment for LGBTQ patients with co-occurring disorders. We are excited you are actively participating in this discussion to develop the 2016 Symposium White Paper and contribute to ongoing research to support this population.